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"Bryce's Crash Course in Management" - web
Posted by: admin on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 - 08:25 PM
Business Center I just released a new program on management (see the press release
below). Although it was written as part of my consulting practice,
it should also be of interest to anyone going through the chairs and
wants to become a master of his Lodge. It contains some sound advice
on planning, leadership and organization which should be of interest
to Masons and non-Masons alike. Check it out. Its free.

W:.Tim Bryce, PM

MBA introduces "Bryce's Crash Course in Management"

PALM HARBOR, FL, USA (NOVEMBER 10, 2005) - M. Bryce & Associates (MBA)
is pleased to announce a new and free multimedia course on the basic
principles of effective management as explained by Tim Bryce, the
Managing Director of M. Bryce & Associates (MBA). The presentation
offers pragmatic advice on how to discharge the duties of a manager,
whether it be for a commercial or non-profit enterprise. Frankly, for
someone aspiring to be a manager or for a new manager, it will be the
best 45 minutes you can invest in yourself.

According to Bryce, "This is an introductory course that will be
applicable to all companies, large or small, foreign or domestic. I
wish someone had taught me these lessons early on when I was starting
my own career. It is just plain good and sound tips on management
that everyone should learn."


* Assuming Responsibility
* Know the Business
* Run your Department like a Business
* Your Three Prime Duties:
1. Leadership
2. Environment
3. Produce/Deliver
* The Manager's Personal Development
* Conclusion


The presentation is just under 45 minutes in length (44:30) and is
implemented using streaming technology requiring the use of the
popular RealPlayer as found on most PC's today. If you do not already
have RealPlayer, you can obtain a free copy by visiting

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use Version 10 (or higher) of RealPlayer. Also,
this presentation is best suited for broadband users (DSL/Cable).

This course is presented in English.

BRYCE'S CRASH COURSE IN MANAGEMENT can be accessed from the cover of
the company's web site at:

A companion paper on this subject (in PDF format) is also available
from the site.

MBA is a management consulting firm specializing in Information
Resource Management (IRM) and is also the producer of the popular

weekly Management Visions Internet broadcast.

MBA is available for on-site training on this subject.

For more information, please contact:
Tim Bryce
Managing Director
M. Bryce & Associates (MBA)
a division of M&JB Investment Company
P.O. Box 1637
Palm Harbor, FL 34682-1637
United States
Tel: 727/786-4567
E-Mail: timb001@...
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