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The Masonic Job & Service Site FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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Where do I include state/country codes?

Include your Location by State/Country codes "in all title bars", at the end.
Sample; for Maryland, - Md. or - ON,CA for Ontario,Canada, etc.[also - web,- all ]

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Where do I post?

General; To pass on leads.

Business Center; Buying, Selling, or Announcing your Business.

Job Listing; If you have a job to list. [see more info in FAQ]

Job Hunting; If you currently in the job market and wish to post a resume'.
[see more info in FAQ]

Networking; Looking for a partner, contracts offered or wanted, RFP's [reqest for proposal]

Service needed; Looking for servise

Service provided; Have a service to provide.

Volunteer Oppurtunities; Lodges or Nonprofit[501c3s] who are looking for help.

Misc; If your post does not fit in any of the catagories above.

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What & Why a Fake e-mail?

The fake e-mail option, in your account, is for public display and your security.

A fake e-mail should looks like;

Your real e-mail is used for contact by this site.

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In registration; It ask for Lodge+ Constitution, whats my constitution?

Depending where you are from, Constitution, Jurisdiction and Obedience are the varies terms used. Therefore an entry should look like: Olive Branch #465 G.L. California

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